Trust God with Your Life

Do you ever get that feeling that you’ve almost forgotten how it feels like to get back on talking terms with someone you use to talk to on a daily basis, was so close, that you never doubted that there would be a day you can’t do without them in it? 

I mean literally, most of the decisions you made had their input and most of things you did could not have been done if they were not involved. 

Suddenly ……… they’re no more!

Yet you’re getting through the rest of your days and moving on swiftly, meeting new faces and achieving goals & targets as you go along. So you take a break and think ? Who’s got my back this whole time? How am I getting through this? 

This was me, that’s how I use to roll. Where are all my friends that swore that they would be my ride or die? 

I came to a realisation there was a someone that could not be seen but felt closer than anything or anyone I’ve ever known! He was even closer than the skin I had… 

I always called on him when I needed

  • LOVE
  • ENCOURAGEMENT and many more

He had showed me care through people he created just like me… But I disregarded him and put my trust & love in people. So slowly they all displayed the characteristics of what humans are !

 By the time I had realised, I saw how much I had mocked my God, with the 

(I’m going to church because my Parents made that choice for me, or the I was born & raised from that background excuse!)

Little did I know that he had been there the whole time seeing me through! One thing I’ve come to learn is that; In this life people come and people go just like how the season changes! Yet he makes all things beautiful in his time

So what am I really saying, Make time to appreciate the life that you have… No matter how long it’s been in communication with our maker, He’s only a call away! You don’t really have do much or text or send an email. It’s very simple.. Just say this:

Jesus, I know you care and love me just as I am… Please be my guidance in all I do!

God Stays the same 

  • Yesterday 
  • Today
  • And Forever 🙏🏽

Trust God With Your Life


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