In my Lonely Hour 😭

In each and every ones life, there’s a time I like to refer to as  #TheLonelyHour 

In this particular time, everything makes no sense and sounds more than they should sound so what we tend to do is block out everything & everyone just so that we can be alone! Some may turn off their phones to be out of reach, no calls no messages just no one to be present 

This is the fascinating part of #TheLonelyHour 

People break out in tears and cry to the point where words no longer can express how they are feeling.. to the point where they think no one understands them and this is what can make them feel so alone.” 

But one thing everyone does not realise is the presence of Almighty God 🙏🏽😇 is everywhere 

No matter what the location, you could be 

  • Parked up in you car
  • Locked up in your room 
  • Shower 
  • Sitting on the toilet is the best place TBH 

Any where you name it, He is Ubiquitous 

And this powerful statement by my Father #RevAbbeamAmpomahDanso  during a programme called hear my cry 

He said: When all is gone and you don’t have anything else, the only strength is to cry. Cry requires quick remedy 

So I want to remind you my dear that whenever you get into your lonely hour He is there with you

  •  As Hannah cried 
  •  As David cried etc 

A broken spirit 💔 and a cotrite heart, God will not despise. 

“God never despises nor forsakes, pour your whole self to him in your lonely hour.. he is waiting to hear from you”😘


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