Why Me ?

It hit me really hard, some things are unexplainable! I sat to ponder over and over again as to why me but I guess that’s just what he wants …

You see in life, everyone you come across has something valuable to teach you and until you come to that understanding, you’ll just keep pondering on why who did what and why you? 

Very recently, a very vital point of view was shared at my youth service that I attend at Old Kent Road, SE15 1NZ 

Who chooses our friends?

 God or Us ? 

He places people around us to make the right decisions so it will only makes sense why he gave us our will, he obviously 🙄 could just point it out for us but he’s God & of his word! He’s blameless. He has given you your will of course but the honour lies on you to choose him. 

So why not you, there’s a lesson in every situation you face or come across, instead of letting the stress eat you up, rise above the challenges and look up to your maker 

I remember a very imperative question asked at youth one time by my Daddy #RevAbbeamAmpomahDanso 

He asked: Who is your role model in the bible and how do you associate your story to theirs? What was their challenges and how did they overcome it! 

It’s about time, my dear we stopped asking why us and be more concerned of why not us ? 

Psalm 100:3

Know that the Lord is God, It is he who made us and we are his,We are his people, the sheep of his Pasture 💜

That being said I want to remind you the Gods Love is unfailing ❤️


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