Kumawood’s Best D.O.P/Videographer gets Married!

Ghanaian popular film maker Evander Kwame Agyeman, who has been the D.O.P for over 1000 movies in the Kumawood Industry has finally tied the knot with his new wedded wife. A close source tells us(AbbeamBlogs) it was an awesome and beautiful day for them both.

Also Nana Ama McBrown and other well known stars made appearance to their dear friend’s wedding to support him on his Wedding Day

From an interview with Mr Agyeman:

The Lord has made it,Glory be to God for blessing yesterday’s marriage between Mr&Mrs Agyeman. God bless everyone who supported this marriage,thank you very much and I appreciate your effort. Thank you.

 Below are some pictures 👇🏽  

The strategy of God

‘Any position that you have found yourself is the strategy of God for you to make a difference’

Where are you at this point in time?
Working Mon to Friday?

Wherever you are, just know that you are strategically placed there to learn. What you will learn will be your own personal journey, but what you will learn will benefit you for what is to come.
Where you are right now is temporary. You will not be there forever; but rather think of it as a step to the next level.
Each and everywhere you have been, you have acquired knowledge, skills and obtained abilities that have caused you to reach where you have reached at this present time.
The information that you gain will not only be for you, but it will be for the multitude of people that you will eventually meet. The world is round– you never know who you will encounter!


I Looked At A Rapist In The Mirror And Saw Him Smiling Back.


*This piece has been published with permission of the referenced ex-partner. Other relationships may have been slightly altered to protect specific identities.*

The first time I was sexually assaulted I must have been 9 or 10 years old.

I was violated by two family friends who were brothers and who would have been about 14 and 15.

Or maybe that was the second time.

The first time might have been by an older female cousin around the same time. She pressured me to go into a closet and make out with her. I think we may have done more, but I don’t like to think about that.

I didn’t object to any of these interactions. I was too young for that to matter, of course, but it was difficult for me to make sense of the fact that I consented without having the agency to do so, thus I had…

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Ladies – Know Your Worth!

 It breaks my heart to see young ladies and mature adult women break down when it comes to Love, Wanting a Relationship so Bad , Or setting their eyes on this one guy that won’t give in. 


My question to you is: 

  1. How much loving do you give yourself as a human being? 
  2. Why do you believe, you need to be in a relationship or need a guy to survive!

Girl is about time you changed that attitude of insecurity because that’s not what you are! The only reason why you think you’re insecure is because you’ve built yourself that way

Now I know that no one is perfect but you need to believe in yourself as a woman. You carry so much uniqueness that points you to greatness. 

“An Insecure woman chases Love, But a Confident Woman invites love to find her”  

You are a Princess, and your Father in Heaven loves you so much.  You are covered in Love and that’s why you are ever ready to show love as Christ does.  Don’t allow your past experiences to keep you bound and deter you from fulfilling your destiny. 

“A man who loves and fears God will do you no harm”

Please don’t go chasing for love from a man, allow God to direct your path and at the right time God will bring Mr Right your way. As many say it’s easier said than done, but I tell you this 


“You are Responsible for your own Happiness” 


Take what is yours!

There’s a time to dream, but there is also a time to put that work in for a dream to become a reality.

Nothing is impossible when God is in it. Who told you that you can’t make that dream you have imagined become a living and breathing reality?

There are so many people in this world that have already taken what is theirs because they were focused and determined!

What is stopping you ?

  • Money ?
  • People ?

Whatever the case maybe, just begin. Once you start; with a little bit of faith and whole lot of perserverance you will see that what you thought you could never do, will be done.

Do not compare yourself to anyone else. There are places that you need to reach and goals that you need to accomplish.


A quote that strikes me by Abbeam Ampomah Danso 

“Make a Determination that nothing will stop you from becoming who you are”